RPL Inspires: Key Outcomes

RPL Inspires, our service plan, will guide our work within the library, in the community and in the digital realm. Informed and inspired by our staff and customers, we will work in concert to achieve specific outcomes. To accomplish this task, Regina Public Library is adapting a framework for measurement called Libraries Deliver, used with great success by public libraries in England.

Libraries Deliver identifies seven key outcomes that we believe closely mirror the outcomes we currently provide and aspire to fulfill at RPL. The information we hope to gather through this exercise will be, to a large degree, stories and anecdotes of impact – a human focus on what we do and what we provide. In other words, it’s is about more than just numbers.

The following information is adapted from the Libraries Deliver material, and includes information about the feedback we hope to gather within each outcome.


Cultural and creative opportunities enrich lives. Each are important in developing local quality of life, sense of place and individual well-being. Each also supports social cohesion, builds skills and reduces social isolation by encouraging participation in shared activities.

RPL and the community celebrate the library as an integrated cultural institution. We want to know more about the response to the variety and quantity of lifelong learning, recreational, and community building opportunities created by RPL in this area.


Reading and literacy are two of the most fundamental skills in life. Libraries provide everyone free access to reading materials regardless of age, ability, wealth, education, etc. Libraries also extend the range of reading material available through online and digital offerings. This access makes libraries a catalyst for improved reading and literacy skills.

Regina Public Library supports a strong reading culture. We inspire and celebrate the joy of reading. We do this by investing in a diverse and comprehensive collection, and by offering popular programs to assist people of all ages with their reading and literacy skills. We will explore the extent to which we inspire and instill a love of reading in Regina.


Libraries raise people’s aspirations and promote lifelong learning, supplementing formal education provided through schools, colleges and continuing education. This is increasingly important given the accelerated pace of change in the workplace, and the world in general, meaning skills and knowledge require more frequent updating.

Regina Public Library provides safe and accessible spaces in which people can study, work, and connect with each other and the world. This outcome also considers the wealth of resources we offer to support self-directed learning, both in physical and digital formats.

We can quantify the spaces and programs we have available for these activities, but we need more information from respondents in order to identify ways to further support formal and informal learning opportunities.


Public libraries provide a trusted network of accessible locations with free WiFi, computers, scanning, printing, and new opportunities through technology such as 3D printing, laptop lending, and the up-and-coming digital media lab. As the world becomes more digital, access to technology and the ability to operate confidently and safely online are increasingly important.

This outcome reflects our investment in digital literacy through programs, collections and services for our residents. We know we are successful when our community members improve their skill level, their confidence increases, and when their access to eServices at RPL is considered instrumental in their life success.


Libraries offer a wide range of health information, both online and through quality-assured reading lists dealing with the more common health conditions, as well as through programming devoted to individual well-being. In their role as community hubs, libraries also offer non-clinical spaces in localities where health and well-being groups can work with the community in a trusted and non-threatening venue.

RPL is a trusted source for health-related library resources and services. We will learn more about how we support people to live healthier lives through the services we provide and the inclusive spaces we offer, and as we work to address social isolation — one of the fastest-growing health issues in our community. Through our collections, programs and partnerships, we facilitate and improve access for individuals, and for those supporting the health and healing of others.


The prosperity of individuals and the city is crucial for residents’ well-being and quality of life. Financial literacy is key to the prosperity of individuals and libraries have an important role to play in this area.

Libraries also support businesses to start up and grow by working to signpost businesses to sources of support and advice. Libraries can also help attract businesses into an area and keep them there, by contributing to ‘placemaking’ and overall quality of life.

RPL locations are essential community place makers in our city. We serve as economic incubators for new businesses, and launch pads for entrepreneurs. Individuals considering a new job or a new educational path benefit from RPL’s programs and services. This outcome captures the resources available, the extent to which they are used and the increased confidence and success of individual library customers in this area.


Libraries are open to everyone. Library staff understand their community’s needs and are trusted to provide reliable guidance and support on a wide range of issues. Libraries bring people together in welcoming community hubs which host local events and provide a shared sense of place for their users — ever more important in an increasingly digital age.

RPL delivers benefits for everyone, both existing and future library customers. The public library’s unique mandate ensures that residents have a place to gather, to share ideas and to build a sense of community. Libraries are a foundation for civic engagement, and act as honest brokers for diverse perspectives – a place where we can all learn from each other about our multicultural heritage, our experiences as treaty people, our individual and shared history, and gather in hope and aspiration for the future.